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  By Oak, Ash & Thorn : Modern Celtic Shamanism

Anna-Marie Ferguson (Illustrator), D. J. Conway

  The Celtic Shaman : A Handbook (Earth Quest)

John Matthews

  The Winter Solstice : The Sacred Traditions of Christmas

John Matthews, Caitlin Matthews

  The Celtic Shaman's Pack : Exploring the Inner Worlds/Book and Cards

John Matthews, Chesca Potter (Illustrator)

  Celtic Book of the Dead: A Guide for your Voyage to the Celtic Otherworld (Cards/Spreadcloth)

Caitlin Matthews, Caitlin Matthews

  Fire in the Head : Shamanism and the Celtic Spirit

Tom Cowan

  The Celtic Book of Days : A Daily Guide to Celtic Spirituality and Wisdom

Caitlin Matthews

  The Encyclopaedia of Celtic Wisdom : The Celtic Shaman's Sourcebook

Caitlin Matthews, John Matthews


A rich cauldron of ancient lore with many new translations of seminal Celtic texts, including stories, poems and prose pieces, many dating from as far back as the seventh century. Key ingredients include shamanic memory, druidic divination and prophesy, shapeshifting, soul-loss, and restoration, magic and healing.


  Celtic Wisdom : Seasonal Rituals and Festivals

Vivianne Crowley

  The Apple Branch : A Path to Celtic Ritual

A.I Kondrat Ev, Alexei Kondratiev

  Circle of Song : Songs, Chants, and Dances for Ritual and Celebration

Kate Marks
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