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Music and the Celtic Soul

Since the days of the bards and minstrals of Ancient Britain and Ireland, the soul of the Celt has found its truest expression in music. In the echo of the wailing highland bagpipe and the lilting, mournful ballad of the Irish storyteller lies the heart of Celtic tradition, spirit and dream.

All of us - not just those of Irish, Scottish or Welsh descent - can be touched by the soulful magic of a ballad or lifted by the foot-stomping energy of a jig or reel. The roots of many modern musical genres lay deeply grounded in the traditional Celtic music brought to the New World with the endless stream of immigrants from Europe. American Bluegrass, folk, and even popular music has drawn heavily from this Celtic heritage, and so this music now truly belongs to all of us.

I don't in any way claim to be an expert on Celtic music, but I have loved it all of my life. As a child I used to follow bagpipers down the street in spellbound awe whenever I had the chance to see them in parades. Perhaps its genetic... I am of Irish and Scottish descent, and I sometimes wonder if that predisposes me to a fascination with everything mysterious, melancholy and deeply spiritual (although not necessarily religious!)

What I plan to offer on this page in the upcoming months is a glimpse into the old and the new - performers of 'Traditional' Celtic tunes, as well as modern adaptations.

To learn from the masters in this subject, feel free to start with my Celtic music links page, and explore the available Internet offerings from there.

For now, until I become a knowledgeable source, here are some CD Now links to some of my current favorites. I will add to this page frequently as I discover new gems, so come back from time to time and see the updates.

- Huathe

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