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  The Druid Animal Oracle : Working With the Sacred Animals of the Druid Tradition

Philip Carr-Gomm, Stephanie Carr-Gomm, Bill Worthington (Illustrator)

Like the Native Americans, the ancient Celts saw the animal world as a source of great power and influence. The book's beautifully illustrated cards, fascinating background information and easy-to-follow instructions make it a simple and highly effective system for self-development and self-awareness.

  The Druid Source Book

John Matthews (Editor)

  A Druid's Herbal for the Sacred Earth Year

Ellen Evert Hopman, Ellen Evert-Hopman

  The Druid Way (Earth Quest)

Philip Carr-Gomm

  The Bardic Source Book

John Matthews (Editor)

  Celtic Bards, Celtic Druids

R. J. Stewart, Robin Williamson (Contributor), Chris Down (Illustrator)

  The Lost Books of Merlyn : Druid Magic from the Age of Arthur

by Douglas Monroe (Editor)
Part adventure tale and part grimoire, The Lost Books of Merlyn remains true to the Druids' method of wrapping important knowledge in a story. Monroe's tale of the British Celts, their conflict with the Romans, and the last days of King Arthur, recounts the demise of the Druids but reveals the hope of their resurrection today. Coupled with an abundance of spells, charms, and sacred rites, this is more than just a well-written fantasy, more than just a well-stocked spell book. The Lost Books of Merlyn is both teacher and course. Whether you read it as a work of fiction or dig for a deeper meaning, you will hear a voice in these pages speaking to you as Merlyn speaks to the author: "Now, at last, it is your turn to understand what has already been lived, and what may come of it." --Brian Patterson

A guide to initiation and apprenticeship, "The Lost Books of Merlyn" explains the magical elements in each of the stories and provides instructions on how to reenact the lessons and replace the rituals.


  The Druids

Peter Berresford Ellis

  The Book of Druidry : History, Sites and Wisdom

Ross Nichols, John Matthews, Philip Carr-Gomm (Editor)

  Celtic Wisdom : Seasonal Rituals and Festivals

Vivianne Crowley
  The Celtic Druids' Year : Seasonal Cycles of the Ancient Celts

John Robert King
From Booklist , December 1, 1994
This well-packaged new book on the Celts puts substantive academic research into popular terms. King's focus is on the wheel of the Celtic year with its cycle of four celebrations: the fire feast of Lughnasa; the still-celebrated festival of the dead, Sarnhain (Halloween); the feast of the herds at Imbolc; and the wild abandon of Beltane, with its maypoles. Corollary to those festivals are the equinoxes and solstices, observed by the Celts in less ritualized fashion but important to them as markers in the agricultural year. Besides the annual cycle, King describes the religious underpinnings of the festivals, the functions of the druid priests and bards, relationships to other mythologies, and the influence of historical assimilation and migration on what we know of Celtic myth. A good resource, well written and well researched.

Patricia Monaghan
Copyright© 1994, American Library Association. All rights reserved --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.


  The Celtic Tree Oracle

Liz and Colin Murray

The Celtic Ogham or tree alphabet uses a letter as the embodiment of a tree or plant spirit. These intricately illustrated cards can be used with the accompanying book as creative inspiration or as a fun way to learn about the ideas and symbols of Celtic mythology. Set of 25 cards and book describing each one, handsomely packaged in a wood box.

  Celtic Tree Mysteries : Secrets of the Ogham

Steve Blamires
Occult and Metaphysics Editor's Recommended Book
Steve Blamires constructs for his readers a base camp in the history and use of the ogham before launching an expedition toward complete understanding of the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of the ogham and the trees they represent. Quite a quest, but Blamires succeeds. Where other popular forms of magic can be slanted toward development of only one aspect, Blamires's study of the threefold nature of the ogham insures that the body of practical magical knowledge gathered on this journey will be useful in all levels of existence.

Trees are living aspects of the Green World and so is the magic associated with them, handed down since the days of the ancient Irish druids. With this practical system of magical ritual and divination, you can journey to the Otherworld through the powerful energy of tree spirits; create your own set of Ogham sticks for divination and magic working; establish a closer link with the Green World that surrounds and feeds you; and much more.

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