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Celtic Folklore

  Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry

W. B. Yeats (Editor)

  Celtic Fairy Tales

Joseph Jacobs (Editor), John D. Batten (Illustrator)

  Classic Celtic Fairy Tales

John Matthews (Introduction), Ian Daniels (Illustrator)

  A Celtic Christmas : Classic Tales from the Emerald Isle

Mairtin O'Griofa (Editor), Mairton O'Griofa (Editor)

  The Banshee : The Irish Death Messenger

Patricia Lysaght
The banshee, the female supernatural death-messenger, is the legendary herald of death in Ireland. Through analysis of folklore sources, a comprehensive picture of the banshee emerges, and the functions of the belief in this remarkable creature of the folk imagination are examined. Many issues associated with attitudes toward life and death are expressed through the banshee tradition, and changes in such attitudes down through the ages are also revealed in changing beliefs about the banshee's presence and activity. This book unravels that network of beliefs, drawing on a large body of oral and written sources, including literary accounts from the Old Irish period to the present, as well as folklore accounts collected over the past sixty years. Recent fieldwork brings the study up-to-date, showing that in many instances belief in the banshee is alive today.

  Celtic Tales of Terror

Marlene Ekman (Illustrator), Mairtin O'Griofa (Editor)

  Folktales of the Irish Countryside

Kevin Danaher

  Gruesome Irish Tales

Edmund Lenihan, Eddie Lenihan

  A History of Irish Fairies

Carolyn White

  Irish Cures, Mystic Charms, and Superstitions

Marlene Ekman (Illustrator), Lady Wilde

  Irish Popular Superstitions

Marlene Ekman (Illustrator), William R., Sir Wilde
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