Awarded February 24, 1999

The Finn McCool Award

"Duilleag lžonraidh mhath
means "Excellent web page."

These icons are designed to recognize the enduring presence of Celtic culture through the medium of cyberspace.

An ancient people whose history includes both tragedy and triumph, the Celts continue to thrive, not only in places like Brittany, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, but (as a result of the Celtic diaspora) throughout the world.

Celtic culture includes distinctive forms of music, art, spirituality, dress, dance, literature, and language. It's a culture to be cherished and celebrated -- and this award honors web sites devoted to the Celtic way."

Awarded February 19, 1999

This award was presented to The Sacred Fire by Sabrann, of The Solar Wheel.

Sabrann wrote:

"Your site, The Sacred Fire, has been selected to receive the Solar Wheel Award for websites devoted to folklore, myth and legend.

The Solar Wheel award is given only to personal, non-commercial websites devoted to the presentation of myth, legend and folklore on the internet. Sites are selected on the basis of content, design and artistry. Your site is wonderful, and we are happy to include you as a Solar Wheel Award recipient."

Thank you Sabrann!

Awarded February 12, 1999

The Sacred Fire received this award from Shawn Hart, at The Great Big Picnic.

Shawn wrote:

"Congratulations: You have been awarded the " Great Big Silver " award for your site, The Sacred Fire, being in the top 5% of all webpages on the Internet."

Thank you Shawn!

Celtic Pride Award

Awarded January 26, 1999

This award was presented to Sacred Fire by Wendy (Beachgirl,) the creator of "A Celtic Site for Night Shade." I found this site while out surfing, and really enjoyed my visit! When you visit, you will find a collection of Irish recipes, poetry by Yeats, and lots of Celtic graphics.

In her email, Wendy wrote:

"Dia Dhuit and Congratulations!

After visiting your site I have decided that you deserve the Celtic Pride Award. You've done a wonderful job! I especially love the mouse over navigation with the Gaelic underneath! Thank you for inviting me to your page!"

Thank you Wendy!

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