Awarded December 12, 1998

This award will always be especially precious to me, as it arrived on my birthday! It is a beautiful award, and we are truly honored, as it was awarded by the designer (Peter Oostervink) of a truly classic Celtic Site.

In his email, Peter wrote:

"Happy to see pages such as yours, which carry out the function of keeping awareness of the Celtic heritage, customs and history alive. Keep up the good work! I will check back often to view it."

Thank you Peter!

Awarded December 11, 1998

This is a beautiful award, and was most unexpected! Ayperi Silverwolf wrote:

"Congratulations, you have been chosen as a winner of "The Mystic Gold-Hearted Dragon Award". Your page was very informative and creative, showing the great dedication you have to your page"

Thank you so much Ayperi Silverwolf... we love your page too!.

Awarded December 3, 1998

This award was a surprise - it came return mail when we joined the Circle of the Ancient Ways Web Ring! We are quite honored to have received it...

Thank you Myrddann (your site, The Celtic Wellspring, is excellent, by the way!)

Awarded November 8, 1998

This was our first award, and came before we even had an awards page in place on Sacred Fire. In her email, Eira wrote:

"This award is an ancient award for those who have contributed to history or art on the web. Because of sites like yours, the web is a fountain of information that we all can learn from no matter what our backgrounds.

Thank you for your time and caring about what we know as the truth."

Thanks Eira!

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