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  The Celtic Wellspring
  The World of Celtic Art
  is ait an mac an saol

  Celtic Spiritualism
  Celtic Art and Illumination
  The Bagpipe Web
  The Land of an Irish Dreamer

  Celtic Orthodox Christianity
  The Saxon Shore
  Realm of the Vague and Obscure
  Traditional Paganism

  Celtic Druidism
  The Celts (High Desert Celtic Society)
  Coats of Arms from Ireland and around the world
  St. Patrick's Day

  The Ulster Cycle
  Epona's Celtic Cauldron
  The Monaghans of Donegal
  Foxes' Covert: Irish Folk Song Lyrics Archive

  The Dunlop/Dunlap Clan
  Celtic Moon
  Firth's Celtic Scotland and the Age of the Saints
  Bluestone Design

  The Keep of Clan Stoirm Dùn
  El Druida
  Ravens Dreaming
  Celtic Earth

  Murphree Genealogy
  The Wild Goose
  The Bard
  William Don Carlos - Bagpiper, Fiddler and Singer

  Celtic Watches by Cairn
  Druiden und Allerlei
  Lory Werths, Renaissance & Celtic Mandolinist & Fiddler
  The Plaid Piper - Celtic Folkwinds Musician

  Scottish History Online
  Celtic Camera
  Innisfree Glass - Celtic Design Glass Plates

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